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India Foodservice Delivery Report

I have partnered with two leading figures in the Indian restaurant market – Samir Kuckreja – founder of Tasanaya Hospitality, restaurateur and former president of the National Restaurant Association of India – and Jasper Reid - founder of IMM, director of Wendy’s and Jamie Oliver restaurants in India.


Together we have produced this 100-page, comprehensive report on the foodservice delivery market in India including measurement of the market, its TAM (Total Addressable Market) and future prospects based on the market sizing approach I have developed for the UK, USA and other international markets. Detailed, in depth discussions have been held with leading players across the Indian restaurant market and with key delivery companies and dark kitchen operators.

The report includes an analysis of the major players, food ordering trends, market growth potential, commentary on the drivers of this dynamic market and the effect that covid has had on the prospects for restaurant delivery. 

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