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The effects of coronavirus on the USA restaurant market

- It has brought forward the development of restaurant delivery – and ghost kitchens – by an estimated two years

- Overcapacity has been cleared out. Whilst the failures are distressing, there is a rebalancing of supply and demand

- Smartphones are set to become an integrated part of the full service restaurant for reservations, viewing menus, alerting customers when their table/order is ready and contactless payment and more

- QSRs have been positively impacted by click and collect apps for takeout and delivery

At this time of year, I usually share my thoughts and findings - partly based on my trip to the NRA Show in Chicago - in my What’s Hot in the USA report.

This year, many of my contacts and industry friends were kind enough to spend time on Zoom calls to share what’s happening across the pond.

To read the full report, please click here:



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