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Is the restaurant sector showing the first signs of recovery?

After three years of decline, the fastest growing emerging restaurant brands have grown by 3.8% in the last six months*, according to the latest Ones To Watch, my twice-yearly report on the fastest growing emerging restaurant brands.

The rise in the number of brands featured, from 129 to 134, could indicate the early stages of a return to the fortunes of the restaurant sector.

The highest ranked brand in terms of the rate of growth of store openings over the last three years is Crosstown Doughnuts, and the brand opening the most new stores is Tim Horton’s. These brands reflect a common theme of the list, which is the growing popularity of small-footprint, fast food models featuring desserts and coffee. And, this segment is likely to fuel future growth.

Adam Willis, Co-founder of Crosstown Doughnuts commented: “We are always happy to see great results feeding through about Crosstown. We see amazing opportunities for us to be able to continue to develop our operation here in the UK, as well as abroad. We have really focussed over the last 5 and a half years on sustainable growth at a sensible pace. As a true omni-channel retail brand we operate online, with select wholesale-partners, special events & commissioned projects in addition to our retail store options. We are looking forward to 2020.”

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