Weekly Briefing Report

My free Weekly Briefing Report is a summary of significant current stories and a first-stage analysis of how coronavirus is affecting the foodservice sector in the UK.


I started to produce it in the first week of lockdown to record how operators, suppliers, investors, the government, and others initially reacted. Then I started to show how their thinking and actions subsequently developed.


It now also includes my considered thoughts on the enormously wide range of issues that confront the foodservice sector within a framework of unparalleled uncertainty.


Quarterly Briefing Report

Each paid for Quarterly Briefing Report is typically 15-20 pages of easy to assimilate, bullet pointed news throughout the quarter – all in one place to make it easy to capture items that are relevant for sales stories, internal messaging and keeping yourself up to date.


The report also includes my forecasts for the next two quarters and a summary of the key factors that are affecting the market, plus commentary on key issues such as consumer confidence, inflation and topics of the day.


Delivery the Disruptor

Delivery has already shown itself to be the unprecedented disruptor of the restaurant industry. Currently worth well over £100 billion in consumer sales worldwide, its meteoric growth and ever-evolving shape continues to change the market landscape.


In my white paper, I share some of the key issues that are faced by operators and delivery companies, and my thoughts on where the market is going, based on my experience of talking to investors and operators and analysing restaurant delivery across three continents.


What does this new worldwide phenomenon mean for the restaurant industry?

Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch highlights new growth opportunities for investors and suppliers. The report and data identify early stage, fast growing foodservice operator brands and concepts based on strict criteria that establish credentials for growth.

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