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Eating In vs Dining Out

Together with the Institute of Grocery Distribution, we created Eating In vs Dining Out - a gamechanging report delving into the impact of covid on the UK food and drink market during 2020 and highlighting clear paths to success for suppliers and operators in 2021.

EIDO 2021 Parts I and II FINAL_Page_14.p
EIDO 2021 Parts I and II FINAL_Page_18.p
EIDO 2021 Parts I and II FINAL_Page_24.p
EIDO 2021 Parts I and II FINAL_Page_24.p
EIDO 2021 Parts I and II FINAL_Page_01.p


Bespoke projects, think pieces, keynote speeches, reports, data and networking opportunities

to inform and facilitate strategic direction across the foodservice supply chain.


Working with national and international organisations across the foodservice and hospitality arena.

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