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A new form of normality sets in

This past week has seen a new form of normality start to set in. For some businesses, it has been an incredibly busy time, for others it has become a time for assessment and reflection and for others yet, it has become a time for thinking about a new life.

The overriding feature of this past week or so has been the continuing build-up of activities that support the vulnerable, the elderly, NHS workers and other key workers. Interestingly, job roles, that in other times would be considered humble, such as cleaners, supermarket cashiers and delivery drivers and riders, are today crucial in keeping the economy going.

The number of corporate failures amongst the larger names thankfully remained limited last week. For the moment, some sort of calm seems to have reasserted itself over the foodservice sector but there will be some very rocky times ahead.

I’ve summarised last week’s news stories and my own helicopter view on the landscape in my latest Weekly Briefing Report.

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