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A spirit of innovation...

Over the past week, there has been an engendering spirit of innovation and “getting things done”, as exemplified by Meals for the NHS, which has already raised over £1 million to pay small takeaways to provide meals for NHS staff. That spirit is also behind developments such as those at Sysco (the US parent of Brakes) where, as The Economist has reported, the company “built an entire new supply chain and billing system to serve grocery stores in less than a week”.

Several restaurant chains have reopened some sites for delivery and takeaway including KFC, Costa, I am Doner and Wingstop. It’s an encouraging move in the right direction but should be kept in proportion; the openings represent just 2.6% of the sites operated by the re-opened brands.

I’ve summarised last week’s news stories and my own helicopter view on the landscape in my latest Weekly Briefing Report.

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