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Many are starting to think about what the future will look like...

The past six days has seen the new form of normality continue to embed itself and news from the government that the lockdown will continue for another three weeks, has prompted many people to think about the future and what it may look like.

Despite the delivery market, which itself is under pressure due to the loss of its core market (e.g. the big brands such as McDonald’s), the hospitality sector, in its widest sense, still continues to trade at about 10% of its normal rate for this time of the year and much of the activity that remains is for the health sector (both hospitals and care homes).

Whilst thoughts are beginning to turn to the lifting of lockdown, the government’s intentions are clouded in mystery and confusion. People are beginning to look to China for an indication of what the future may hold.

I’ve summarised last week’s news stories and my own helicopter view on the landscape in my latest Weekly Briefing Report

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