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The foodservice market is beginning to enter a new phase

Over the last week, news stories have slowed down slightly compared to previous weeks, which indicates that the market is beginning to enter a new phase. This comes after the industry’s two weeks of turmoil that has required multiple, often painful, decisions and subsequent actions. Many foodservice businesses have now been mothballed, with operations being stopped and workforces furloughed. In these companies, those people left to work are beginning to find that they have some time on their hands. And they are using this to start to think about the future…

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all people and to all businesses, many of whom are still very active, such as delivery aggregators, foodservice suppliers who are pivoting to the retail sector, and all operations involved in providing food to the health care system. And a notable number of foodservice operators, often in partnership with their suppliers, have put initiatives in place to feed the vulnerable and key workers in the NHS and other emergency services.

I’ve summarised last week’s news stories and my own helicopter view on the landscape in my latest Weekly Briefing Report. <>

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Stay safe and well everyone.



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