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What if we hadn't had covid?

The reason I pose this counter factual question, is that I’m noticing two, opposing states of mind. On the one hand, we are facing unprecedented inflation – massively rising fuel costs, major increases in basic food prices. And this is true not only right now but probably well into the future.

And on the other hand: it’s Spring. I'm noticing that some people - especially manufacturers of packaged groceries and impulse products – is a spring in their step. They are getting enquiries from all over the place. And orders are coming in. So, what on earth is happening between these two opposite perspectives – threatening inflation versus a spring in the step? Read the full story here.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know that my MST (Foodservice Market Structure and Trends) data, which I’ve spent over 10 years modelling now sits in the very capable hands of IGD. I was delighted to hand it to the team in 2021, who are using their renowned forecasting methodology to develop my work at this unprecedented and pivotal point in time for the industry. For me, it is very much business as usual; my consultancy, thought leadership, public speaking, mentoring, Weekly Briefing Report and Ones to Watch, will continue. And, this move will also enable me to enhance my coverage of the growing delivery world.

Read my Weekly Briefing Report for the full story



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